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The Children's Bill of Rights was developed by the staff of the Dane County Family Court Counseling Service to help support and protect the kids of separated and divorced parents. For more information about Dane County Family Court Service, visit the Family Court Services website.

Children's Bill of Rights

  • The right to a continuing relationship with both parents.
  • The right to be treated as (an) important human being(s), with unique feelings, ideas, and desires.
  • The right to continuing care and guidance from both parents.
  • The right to know and appreciate what is good in each parent, without one parent degrading the other.
  • The right to express love, affection, and respect for each parent, without having to stifle that love because of fear of disapproval.
  • The right to know that the parents' decision to live separately was not the responsibility of the children.
  • The right not to be a source of argument between parents.
  • The right to honest answers to questions about the changing family relationships.
  • The right to be able to experience regular and consistent contact with both parents and to know the reason for any cancellation or change of plans.
  • The right to have a relaxed, secure relationship with both parents without being placed in a position to manipulate one parent against the other.

Developed by the staff of Dane County Family Court Counseling Service. For more information about Dane County Family Court Counseling Service visit Family Court Counseling.